Way to clean the data from hard disk

Hard drive is stated as the most vital and essential hard ware which is basically used to save data. The data would contain different contents with varieties of format but to save them there is hard disk. There are some other more devices in which data could be saved like iPods, external hard disk, flash cards, etc but if talking about system so the only thinks which comes in minds to save the data is only the hard disk. Data is comparatively more important to user rather than the system or tools which saves them. Every data is important even a text file if seen with the users point of views.

Users are basically unaware of the facts which they must know as there are many.  What about to sell your data? Sorry what about to sell your hard disk?

Generally the question will be answered as, it’s very easy to sell the hard disk, just you need to format the drive so that your data can be deleted from hard disk and then the disk is ready for sell. The user here thinks that format will do the rest for his data, and the data will be secured as he smartly deleted all the content by formatting.

Sorry but here I will ask you to go some line above and notice that I have written two questions to sell hard drive or data. Breaking the conception of users that the data will still be there after it gets deleted, this seems to be quite amazing and weird too as one thinks about the data deletion. Wipe disk is the only way to delete the data will know how.

Wipe disk free space is only the way in which one can delete all the data from his/her hard disk will see later how?

Format, what it does? The formatting of data is not exactly the deletion of data it’s like something related to de allocations. There are some pointers in the hard drive which is created earlier when saving data so these data are accessed by this medium know as pointers. We are always located to the data with the help of pointers as these pointers are indicating the data on the hard drive.  After formatting we get the new space to save the data which makes us think that our data is deleted but actually it’s not like that the pointer indicating the data is only deleted and the data becomes inaccessible.

So there is some of the software which are developed in such a way that even if the pointers are deleted they can get all the data recovered, indicating the danger to the data. Complete deletion of data must have done and this could be only done by using some third party tools that overwrites the data by some garbage values which corrupts the data and make it inaccessible. For this you need to download the trial version of the software which can wipe you drive completely so that data in it can be become inaccessible.