Utility for Hard drive Partition Recovery

I want a data recovery tool that should be capable of recovering the formatted data from my both internal and external hard drive. If this possible then give me the name of that hard drive partition recovery utility?

I switched the external hard drive file system from FAT to NTFS while formatting the hard disk .I had some important datas in the drive when it is in FAT file system structure .Is there any easy way that could recover my information from the external storage device?

State me a tool that is highly capable of advanced data recovery in a swift and efficient manner and also give the scenarios where it is highly useful?

Now and then it happen exactly the opposite what the user expected. User was supposed to be working on some important files immediate transferring them from external hard drive to your Pc. However unluckily, USB cable of your external hard drive is accidentally removed by you while transferring the data. When realized this situation, the user grab the USB cable and connected it again to the computer. Following to connecting the external hard disk to the computer will display an error message when tried to access it. “Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” .Ultimately lost access to the precious data stored in the external hard drive. 

Some of the rare common scenarios of data deletion is described below 

Format Error:

Frequent error messages when tried to access that drive or volume that the drive is not formatted and will ask you to format the drive

Accidental formatting:

During disk related operation like disk conversion or hard drive repartitioning drive can be formatted accidentally. As converting a disk from basic to dynamic or vice versa you need to format that disk. Incase selected wrong partition or volume to format, then the user will lose data from that drive. 

To get rid of harmful viruses:

Sometimes harmful viruses may not be removed using antivirus software. Single option left with is disk formatting. The user Have to format the entire volume affected by virus programs. In those cases the user may lose the precious data from the affected disk, if there is no proper data backup.

The valid reasons that hold the tool to its lead are.

  • Ø Highly powerful scanning algorithm to scan and locate deleted / lost data easily
  • Ø Grant good support to recovery of media files like audios, photos  and video files from various storage devices which Helps to recover data from professional digital cameras, memory card, iPod, FireWire drives, hard disk,  USB drives and many more
  • Ø There is a option for the user to save the recovered data in a compressed format
  • Ø Preview and recover option in this is much helpful to differentiate the virus files from the actual files
  • Ø Data on Mac and Windows operating system are easily recovered with separate available installation
  • Ø A lone tool is high enough to recover datas from almost all kind of internal and external storage devices which is formatted ,reformatted and reinstalled

Audio files from iPods can also be lost under certain circumstances. This software will help to restore files from iPod. Never forget to check the effectiveness of this software by using its demo version.


Emanating for download and installation go for the instructions and follow the steps provided and do not use this tool to recover files from a defragmented drive because it is not possible to recover an empty memory or restructured memory.