Undelete OS X Lion Files

Undelete OS X lion files

Mac OS X lion is one of the latest operating system released for Mac computers. In Mac OS X lion the user interface is redesigned including buttons and progress bars. It can be used easily as well as it offers secure data storage. However, you cannot stop the Mac data loss which may happen by user mistakes or some software errors. Then it calls for the Mac data recovery software. By using this software and following the appropriate recovery options, you can undelete Mac OS X files, within a short while.

The people may accidentally delete files and folders from the Mac system with OS X lion and then emptying the Trash habitually. After this you might be realized that some of the important files were kept in this folder. Then you may get question in your mind like is it possible to undelete OS X lion files? If you are the one having such issues, then you are in the right path as you can get here complete information about deleted file recovery on Mac OS X lion.

However, some users think that the deleted files are gone forever and they cannot be acquired back. There is no way to undelete Mac files from hard drive. In reality it is a wrong belief because it is possible to undelete files even if they are not found in the Trash. No matter the Trash is emptied or the deleted file by pass the Trash, you can retrieve them. Actually the deleted files still exist safely on your hard disk. OS X lion creates a file index on hard drive, which contains the information related to every file, such as file size, location, date, etc.  To access files from hard drive, operating system first reads the storage location and then it presents to you. When the file is deleted, only the file entries are deleted from file allocation table and the space is marked as free and re-usable. Therefore it is possible to recover deleted data from HDD on OS X lion until they are overwritten by new files.

There are two ways to undelete files on Mac operating system

  1. The Mac machines with the Mountain lion operating system have an important inbuilt utility that is Time Machine. This is a backup tool, which can help you to backup everything on Mac mountain lion, using its advanced features. If you deleted critical files from your Mac computer, just browse the Time machine and get back deleted files from the backup.
  2. If Time Machine and other inbuilt features of Mac cannot support to undelete files, you can use third party tool to recover deleted files. There are number of Mac OS X recovery tools available on internet in free as well as paid version. If the Mac files are really important for you, you should use professional recovery tool.

Let us see what does the Mac recovery tool do which cannot be done by the Mac operating system. Time Machine can help you to undelete files on Mac by backup data periodically. Suppose you forgot to turn on the backup utility or it failed to backup data on Mac OS X, then you cannot undelete Mac files. However, data recovery software is capable to undelete files by scanning the drive, using an inbuilt scanning algorithm, without the need of backup. In order to perform OS X lion recovery and on other platforms of Mac OS, immediately stop saving new data on the space where the files are deleted, to avoid overwriting.

Mac file recovery software is powerful application, which is designed especially to undelete files on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. By running this efficient tool, you can restore deleted or formatted files from Mac volumes. It works well with the FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX file systems. It can assist you undelete photos, music files, videos, etc deleted from Trash and also other file formats from the emptied Trash. Apart from hard drive file recovery, it works very well to find deleted files from flash memory cards (SD, XD, CF, Memory Stick, etc), external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE, etc), FireWire drives, etc.

This software is very easy to handle as it has use-friendly interface. The professionals as well as the ordinary people can easily execute this software without the need computer experts help. While recovering data, it cannot modify your data so that the original information will be intact. It is also possible to evaluate recovery chances and performance of the software by using demo version.