Tool to revive files on Windows

Are you looking forward to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows PC? if your reply is ‘YES’ then you can get back accidentally deleted files with the help of data restoration utility tool like File Restore, which gives you a platform to recoup unintentionally deleted files from your system. This utility use advance-scanning algorithm to search missing files, once found recovered them in couple of minutes. It is tool which is highly recommended by tool by industry expert and is design by a group of expert recovery team and which is proficient to recoup data in any of data loss scenarios from Windows PC. It has an option to preview files that can be recovered, from where you can select files to restore or you can choose select all option to recover each file.

Accidental deletion is one of the major sources of deletion of the data. In real world, you can easily find lots of peoples in this earth, who have misplaced vital data from Windows PC because of accidental deletion. Take an example from the real world in order to understand, actually how it happens. Presume you have a folder, which contains your vital data. Someday while browsing, you have found some useless folders, so you made a decision to delete all from the system. While doing so you accidentally deleted that folder, which contained your vital files.  In such condition, you can recover that folder from the recycle bin folder by simple clicking restore option.  If the folder is not there then what you will do in such a situation, to recover from such issue there is only a way, which is utilizing Windows file restore tool like File Restore, with the help of this tool you can successfully get back files and folder  permanently deleted from Windows based operating system in well-organized way.

Virus attack is another most popular cause of the data loss from Windows based OS, sometimes it is happened when you connect your PC through the internet; there is a probability of virus attack through the network. Once it is occurred, you can find lot of changes in your system such as slow processing, corruption, file system corruption and so on. If any one of them is occurred, resulting in loss of data. Suppose a situation, in which you are online and download software, after installing it, when you restart your system. You have found that Window is not starting; this may happen due to the corruption of file system. When you install that software, which contains hidden virus, lead to transfer of virus into your system and corrupt your MBR files. Once MBR files are getting affected, it is impossible to boot the system. In such a situation, there is only a way to make system working again that is by reinstalling Windows operating system. When you reinstall Windows operating system, all the intact data is lost. You can use File Restore software in order to get back lost files after reinstalling Windows Operating System, which is proficient to recover files from formatted drive.
Some top characteristics of this tool are:

  • It quickly scans the whole pen drive and provides grid view of the files that can be recovered
  • It has preview option available to view file can be recovered
  • It is skilled to revive data from various file system including FAT, NTFS, VFAT, FAT16, FAT32

A number of preventive steps must be taken in order to get back lost files successfully from Windows system such as don’t format or reformat the system by using  any third party software because it utilizes some algorithm to format the drive like write zero algorithm, random write algorithm etc. When you format the drive in such a condition, overwriting occurs and once the overwriting is done, you cannot recuperate data from Windows system.

Thus by going through the characteristic of this tool we can say that it can be used to get back lost or deleted files from Windows system any of the issues including  MFT corruption in logical drive, malware attack, power surge, conversion of file system, bad sectors, head crash, etc. In case you have lost files from Windows and you are searching a tool to recover lost files them then you can utilize this tool, you can check the provided link “” for further detail”.