Software to Recover Deleted Documents

Since six months I have been using Microsoft Word application successfully to prepare my final semester degree project work thesis. But today morning while removing unwanted files from the hard drive of my system I accidentally deleted my thesis document using “Shift + Delete” keys. Unfortunately I don’t have the backup of my thesis document. How could I overcome this issue? I am worried a lot, as I have to submit my thesis work next week. So please can anyone assistance me very soon to get back my deleted Word Document? Anyone’s assistance will be highly appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance……!

Well, don’t worry; it is not at all a big issue. You can easily overcome this issue with the help of Recover Deleted Document application. Deleted document recovery has become very easy with the help of this application. All you have to do is just download the trial version of this tool and run it on your computer. If you are satisfied with the result obtained then purchase the licensed version of the software and recover all your deleted documents very quickly. Before going to know the features of this tool first let us know all the scenarios which lead to deletion of Word documents from your system.

The Scenarios which cause deletion of Word Documents are:-

  1. Accidental deletion of Word documents using “shift + delete” key combinations will cause loss of files from your computer
  2. Accidental or unintentional formatting of your computer without taking the backup of Word Documents will cause deletion of Documents
  3. When you scan your system with any updated antivirus application and if the Document is infected by harmful virus then it will be automatically removed from the system which results in deletion of Word Documents
  4. Unexpected system shut down due to power failure while editing your Word Document will result in deletion of Documents
  5. Word Document may get lost due to bad sectors in the hard drive. Bad sectors are created due to scratching which result in inaccessible of data. If you attempt to open such a Word Document. Then more number of bad sectors will be created due to which your Word Document will get deleted from the stored location
  6. Accidental deletion of the partition from any third party users will lead to permanent deletion of your Word Document file from the system

In all the above situations make use of Recover Deleted Document  tool to get back all the deleted or lost Word Documents from your system. Whatever may be the reason behind the deletion of Word Document file, this software has the capability to recover all the lost Documents very quickly in just few couple of mouse clicks. You can preview all the recovered files in the demo version of this tool itself. This software comes out with the advanced features which are very useful to the users.

Advanced Features of Recover Deleted Document software:

This application can recover over more than 300 different file types including Word Documents, PowerPoint files, Excel sheets, spread sheets, music files, video files, PSD files, image files and many more file types. It can recover deleted Word Documents from any data storage devices like external hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, memory cards etc. and the documents recovered using this tool can be sorted on the basis of file name, file type, file size and date. The recovered Word Documents can also be saved in some other data storage media like thumb drive, DVD, CD etc. This tool has the capacity to recover Word Document created on any version of MS Office application like Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and Office 2013.

Recover Deleted Document software has the ability to recover deleted Word Documents on FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS, HFS + formatted drives/Volumes. It supports data recovery on various hard drive interfaces like SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA. This software has the capability to recover deleted Word Documents on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems like Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and so on. The recovered Word files can be compressed in a zip archive in order to save disk space. It can recover and restore all the attributes of Word file such as texts, hyperlinks, visuals etc. without causing any damage to the file structure.

Why Recover Deleted Document?

Recover Deleted Document application is completely free from malwares and virus as it is digitally signed. It is very fast and effective tool as it can recover deleted documents in quicker time. This software provides very simple user interface so that even a new user won’t find any difficulty in handling this tool. It is safe and secure application as it can recover any Word Document without making any alterations to the original file structure. It provides free customer support and is very robust software. It is cost effective tool as it is available at very reasonable price in the market. With lot of benefits, it is highly considered as one of the best tool to recover deleted Word Documents.

Note: Scan your word Document file regularly with updated antivirus application. As a safety side keep three to four copies of your important Document file, so that you can use the backup document if you lose your document from the system.