Restore Files from Broken or Damaged External Hard Drive

Hard drives are data storage medium used to store bulk of files and folders such as word files, .zip files, PPT files, movies, audios, videos, photos, business reports and many more. Hard drive is classified into two types of hard disk; they are internal hard drive and external hard drive. External hard drives are widely used across the globe due to its portable features.

External storage comprises devices that temporarily store information as a backup data. Such devices are not permanently fixed inside a computer. Sometimes essential files and folders get vanished from external hard drive due to mishandling of portable devices and virus infection might results in broken or damage of external hard drive. To get rid of this problem make use of Recover Data Now software which helps us to recover data off broken external hard drive. There are many recognized and unknown situations, where we could lose data from broken external disk.

Some of Various Reasons of Data Loss:

  • During transfer of files from external HD to computer hard drive or vice versa, if there is any sort of interruption due to abrupt shutdown of systems, power failure etc., then it results in corrupt or damage external hard drives.
  • File system is associated to the external HDD that can be broken due to several reasons such as error in file system conversion, setting unsupported file system, etc and at the end you get your external disk inaccessible.
  • Intrusion of viruses on external hard drive would cause corruption or damage of its file system, which in turn makes all the stored files inaccessible resulting in data erase of vital files from the external hard drive.
  • Unintentional if you format external hard drive partitions and format the hard drive intentionally, then in both cases you will end up with erase of all the files stored on external hard drive.

Why Recover Data Now?

  • Recover Data Now software is built with simple user friendly interface that makes to retrieving file from broken external HD. It is easy for even a non-technical user to recover files and folders.
  • This application is specially designed for recover of files from broken or damaged external HD.
  • Broken external hard drive data recovery tool has ability to restore data from file systems of both Windows & Mac OS such as NTFS, FAT 16, HFS+, FAT 32, HFSX, NTFS5 disk drive.
  • By using this recovery app, user can get back all types of files such as text documents, music libraries, photos, videos, audios, .pdf files etc.
  • It helps to recover data off broken external hard drive that have turned bad sectors, unrecognized due to bad file system, partition table corruption, and various other reasons.
  • You can preview restored data before saving it into your desired location.
  • You can sort the recovered files on the basis of file type, date of creation, file name and file size.
  • Apart from your external drive you can also recover data from flash memory cards (SDHC, XD, SD, MMC, microSD, miniSD etc), iPods, FireWire drive etc.
  • The recovery tool helps to scans the entire external hard disk to retrieve data from broken or damaged external disk.
  • Restored files and folders can be stores on other storage device such as USB pen drive, memory cards, and many others.
  • It supports different versions of Windows and Mac OS such as Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista 2003,2008, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard and many more

Safety measures to be taken:

  • Back up of data should be maintained in your PC or other external storage device
  • Recommend to use genuine anti-virus application which helps in protection from virus attack
  • Don’t save any new files or folders on the volume from where the folder is deleted