Recover photos deleted from USB drive

Photos are the most valuable memories that can never be got back in anyone’s life. Usually, you store these photos on a computer hard drive, memory card, digital camera, USB drive, SD card, memory stick and other external storage devices

Several common scenarios of data loss include deleting the pictures unintentionally, accidentally emptying the Trash / Recycle Bin, using Shift+delete to delete photos, or deleting photos straight from a digital camera, phone, memory card or USB drive (this results in bypassing the Recycle Bin). Accidentally formatting the USB drive, missing or lost photos, and move or cut operations done on photos, software failure, power variations and virus attacks.

Reduced usage, or perhaps eliminating the utilization of the USB drive, so that any new information is not written on the USB flash drive where retrieval should be done, could be the first important thing you must do to increase the probability of retrieving the deleted photos back with slight data loss, and get back deleted photos effectively.

You should refrain from performing any more activities on that drive. This implies that you should not use the same drive to browse the internet as this leads to the creation of lots of temporary files to be written on the disk. Do not forget, this usage decreases the probability of recovery.

To get back deleted photos from your USB device

In comparison to a hard drive, recovery of lost photos is a lot easier on these devices as they are generally used for storage of data and are never meant for running programs/applications. However, exactly the same steps apply here. Avoiding the use of these devices will be the only way we can protect the deleted photos from being overwritten, i.e. updating or saving new photos should not be done before recovery is done.

How can you perform deleted photo recovery?

Depending on the usage of the device in the meantime i.e. before recovery, your data in the deleted file could be available on the device. Whenever a file is deleted, all windows actually does is, mark the space in your hard drive that your particular file occupied previously as free space.

At times, the loss of data may be due to the formatting/reformatting / repartitioning, which is an irreversible situation; the lost data could possibly be present on the device and it is still possible to get back the deleted pictures. In any case, usage of that particular device is strictly prohibited in order to avoid data loss, so do not use the same device to save more files from which recovery of deleted photos should be done.

Recovery of Deleted Photos

In case, you may try any retrieval utility, which can be flawless and reliable, for instance, USB data recovery given by Remo. With this software, recovery is easy and just a few clicks away. It also provides a preview option where you are able to see the photos, which can be recovered. You are provided with options where the recovered pictures could be saved in a safe location or else you can burn these retrieved photos directly to Compact disc / DVD.