How to Repair Corrupted Photoshop File?

Adobe Photoshop is the unique application recommended by many photographic experts which is used to edit and create photos with high quality, different layers, effects, background color modes, and so on. Photoshop files are usually saved with a PSD or PDD file format. Some of the other types of Adobe Photoshop are Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central, and Adobe Fireworks. You can create multiple layers of a same image file after every modification so that different view of the same photo file can be viewed at once.

Apart from all these features, at times many users face the corruption or damage of Photoshop files which are stored in their laptop. To fix up the severely damaged Photoshop files employ Repair Photoshop software on your system. It is the brilliant and effective repair tool used to patch up the corrupted PSD file without affecting the source file. This repair utility supports various modes of colors such as Lab color, Bitmap, Indexed color, Gray-scale, RGB color, Duotone, CMYK color, and Multichannel color.

Common reasons for corruption of Photoshop file:

  1. Virus Attack: It is one of the common issue that causes corruption of PSD files. If your laptop is attacked with dangerous malware or virus then there may be a damage or corruption in Adobe Photoshop files. This results inaccessible of Photoshop files.
  2. Network Failure: While you save your PSD file on network if the network connection fails due to different reasons then there is a chance that Photoshop file gets damaged. This is because of various server and variable configuration.
  3. File System Corruption: File system of the hard drive contains all the details about the files ie file size, date, file name, and type. If file header gets corrupt because of virus or presence of bad sector then your Adobe Photoshop files becomes unreadable.
  4. Transfer Error: While transferring the Photoshop file from your system to other data storage disk if any type of disruption occurs during this process then PSD files may get corrupted.
  5. Sudden System Shutdown: Many times you may face power failure, while editing or creating Adobe PSD files. Due of power outage your system might get abrupt turn off then PSD files get damaged.

Main advantages of Repair Photoshop software:

  • Repair Photoshop application is capable to fix damaged PSD file on both the versions of Windows and Mac operating system includes Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Yosemite, Windows Server 2003, Lion, Windows 7, Leopard, Windows 8, Snow Leopard, and Mavericks.
  • This tool assist you to save the fixed Adobe Photoshop file on desired path and on different data storage gadgets such as external HDD, CD/DVD, pen drives, SSD hard disk, memory cards, MMC cards, iPods, SD cards, xD cards, smartphones, CF cards, etc.
  • It has capable to repair damaged or corrupted Photoshop file on different types of hard drive such as SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, and ATA.
  • It is totally free from the dangerous viruses and user friendly repair software so that even non-professional users can easily patch up their corrupted PSD file.
  • Repair Photoshop application supports to repair damaged Adobe PSD file due to CRC error, virus infection, presence of bad sectors, hard drive issues, file header corruption, software conflicts, and so on.
  • With the help of this fix application you can easily repair RLE compressed Adobe PSD file and it also supports to fix up the large size Photoshop and PDD image file.
  • Communicate with support team if you find any issues while using this application.
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