How to recover data from formatted hard drive

Partition is a portion of a genuine hard drive. If you partition a hard disk, you make it intended for the private files and OS separately. Various partitions of merely one hard drive appear as separate drives for the OS. Users are able to do the partitioning for his or her simplicity of viewing the files around the system. They’re able to keep their very own partition drive by naming like videos, music, documents etc.

Suppose you’ve formatted one of your important partitions mistakenly. Here comes the idea of formatted partition recovery. You don’t need to worry because this could be fixed in few steps using the best hard drive data recovery tools.

Below will be the set of few reasons where you lost data from the partition:

  • When you are going to partitioning the drive for reinstalling the OS, you’ll get a dialog box to format the partition, along with you have clicked continue. In this case, your partition is going to be formatted.
  • When you happen to be re-partitioning to transform the file system from FAT to NTFS, there is a chance that you will lose your data.
  • When you’re editing the partition or resizing the partition from your unallocated space in disk management, you may unintentionally format the present drive.
  • If you have formatted incorrect partition. You might want to format ‘D’ partition but mistakenly you might have formatted its adjacent ‘E’ partition. It’s going to cause data loss.
  • In case viruses have corrupted or deleted your important files and you’ve got formatted the partition, accidentally, all of the important data contained in that partition or drive could be lost.
  • When it’s corrupted because of virus attack.
  • When accidentally formatted while using the computer.

In all these reasons we could recover our lost data from the partition using the best partition recovery software.

The best partition recovery software is definitely good at fixing all your lost data from a corrupted, deleted or formatted partition. All data will likely be recovered more effectively and just in few steps. It supports recovery for both FAT and NTFS partitions. It uses a complex algorithm to retrieve the lost data including files, documents, images, audio/video files etc. Demo version of this software packages is there on the company website. You’ll be able to download it totally free, which will scan your complete partition in lesser time for lost data. Should you be satisfied, you can have the first licensed version and can recover your inaccessible data from the partition.