How to Deal With Difficult SD Cards That Refuse to Write Data?

Isn’t it embarrassing to deal with a memory card that continuously refuses to write data? How to deal with such problematic cards? Rough handling will never work; it will only complicate the situation. Handle it with care!

Most of the times, SD card restricts writing data to it. One possible reason is making the ‘SD card write protected’. If the card is write protected, nothing can be written/copied into it.

So how to unlock SD card from write protected mode?

Step #1: Look for the lock button on SD card

Often it is common to see memory cards having lock. This restricts them from writing something to it/formatting them on the whole. So, keenly check whether your memory card has any type of lock or not? If present, then push the lock button in opposite direction to unlock it.

Step #2: Scan your SD Card with antivirus application

In most of the cases, card misbehaves due to presence of harmful viruses and malicious software on your memory card. So, completely scan your SD card for any type of harmful bugs. After scanning the memory card, copy files to it and see whether problem is fixed or not.

Step #3: Use Diskpart Utility

  • Open and run Command prompt. Type diskpart on command window and press on Enter key
  • After launching diskpart, type “list disk” and then press on Enter button again
  • Type “select disk 1” to select your problematic SD card and press on Enter key
  • To remove write protection privilege from memory card, type “attributes disk clear read only” on screen and click on Enter
  • Now you approached to end of the process. Now simply type “exit” and press on enter key to exit out of the menu
  • Now finally, right click on the SD card and click on ‘Format’ command to format your memory card.

And that’s it, now your card is ready to write.

Note! Make use of this link to mac recover from trash if files are deleted accidentally.

Apart from write protected mode, there are other reasons for memory card denial to write data. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Removing SD card from card reader while files from card are open on computer
  1. Malicious software and virus infection
  2. Presence of bad sectors on memory card
  3. Improper way of ejecting SD cards while transferring files
  4. File system corruption or RAW turned file system
  5. Using same card on multiple devices