How do I migrate Outlook 2007 easily using reliable utility?

Most of the Outlook users try to upgrade to latest version of Outlook as PST file size has been increased with the release of new version. The most common issue encountered by users while using Outlook is corruption of PST file. When PST file is corrupted, data stored in it becomes inaccessible. The general reason for PST file corruption is reaching maximum size limit. This is because PST file size limit is configured to 2 GB in Outlook 2000 and this limit has been increased to 50 GB with release of Outlook 2010.  So, Outlook users tend to use or migrate to upgraded version of Outlook. The second cause for migration of Outlook is buying a new system or laptop and installing other operating system. Now, you have to migrate your Outlook .pst file to your new PC. How do I migrate Outlook 2007 efficiently with complete settings of Outlook profile might despair you at this stage but this can be easily done using best tool.

Export and import wizard available in Outlook allows to migrate to new version of Outlook. The default name used for the file that has been exported is backup.pst. This may confuse most of the Outlook users that this file might be backup of PST file. This exported file can also act as a backup file but it is not actually a backup file. By default, Microsoft does not store Outlook settings and information in PST file. Some of them are signatures, autocomplete entries, toolbar and menu settings etc. If you have made some changes to these items then you have to copy them also. Signatures folder contain sub directories and files under signature folder. When you use export feature to export all your folders and subfolders, some data may lost during this process. Custom forms, Wizard Rules, Auto Archive settings may lost during this migration process. In this situation, you are not able to access Outlook properly as export feature did not export all the settings of your Outlook profile.

You have to clean emails that are no longer needed and organize emails arranging them in separate folders. If you organize emails by maintaining different folders for your valuable email messages then taking backup for particular emails is easier than searching for those messages in your inbox. Improper exit of Outlook may lead to corruption of PST file. Sometimes, Outlook users tend to use third party tools to divide the large PST file, if this process fails data becomes inaccessible making PST file corrupt. So, try to avoid above-mentioned scenarios.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate helps to backup and restore Outlook emails along with all other Outlook attributes like contacts, calendar items, notes, rules, signatures, junk email lists etc of MS Outlook. This utility migrates Outlook data and settings from Windows XP to vista or Windows 7.This software allows creating or associating unlimited number of backup profiles. You can even spilt and save backup archives to match the storage capacity of the respective destination location. When you download demo version of the tool you are able to preview migration process.