Formatted hard drive recovery software

Usually, the computer hard disk is preferred to store and access various types of files. We can expect the data security through our storage device. You can utilize your computer to store any type of information like images, movies, documents, etc. We can easily get access to these files by storing them on different drives or partitions. Suppose the hard disk of your computer is formatted accidentally or when it is corrupted due to virus attack, it will cause you to lose all files stored on it.

Such situation can happen at any time when you using your system to access or store data on hard disk. There is no need to worry about how to unformat data as it is not a big problem because you can get back all files from any formatted storage drive using unformat hard drive software. This application works effectively to retrieve formatted data from hard disk as well as other storage devices like flash memory cards (SD, CF, XD, MMC, etc), external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE), FireWire drives, pen drive, etc.

Some of the unexpected incidents where you will end up with the loss of data due to the formatting of a hard drive are explained below.

  • Improper system shutdown: usually the computer is turned off by saving all the work that we have performed on our computer and closing all running application. However, the sudden shutdown of computer due to power failure can damage your hard disk which in term forces you to format the disk in order to use it once again for storing data.
  • Virus attack: the virus can occur in your system because of browsing third party websites or downloading contents from the unauthorized sites. A virus can create a duplicate copy of a file or sometimes it will delete the complete file or the file system of a storage device will get corrupt.

Apart from the above scenarios, there have been other errors which lead to loss of data from removable drives. For example, you can get format error when you connect your memory card or any removable disk to your system, then you cannot access files from it without formatting the drive. This can be due to some logical problem inside the drive i.e. file system corruption.

No matter what situation made you format the drive, the formatted data recovery software can effectively retrieve all files from formatted storage media. It is a professional data rescue application designed, especially for Windows users. It supports to unformat any type of file like photos, videos, etc on FAT as well as NTFS file systems. It can facilitate to resume recovery session at any time as it has a “Save Recovery Session” option. It can utilize inbuilt strong scanning algorithm to recover data from the corrupted partition that may be formatted to bring it in working state. You can get the trial version of this software at –

In order to make clear of doubts regarding this recovery application, first one can download the trial version of this tool. It looks exactly same as a full version and even it offers access to all features except the save option. Therefore, using this demo version you can check the probability of file recovery before buying the software. Even you can view the recovered photos on your computer screen before purchasing the software. In order to save all required files from the list that you have got through the help trial version, you need to purchase the application.