Best Way to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

Are you one of them who have lost their data from external drive due to virus attack??? To revive all your data successfully you are in search for a recovery tool than you are at the right place. Here you will get the optimal solution to your problem regarding to external drive recovery. Actually virus attack occurs on external drive whenever you expose your drive to the network. Or it may happen whenever you connect a virus infected drive to system. In both the cases there is chance of virus attack. As the virus attack occurs on external hard drive, it changes the internal file structure of the files intact in the external drive and causes corruption of data. In such a place you can make use of Recover Data Now software which can effectively perform external hard disk drive recovery in order to restore all the data back from external drive. This tool is developed by the recovery experts and is capable to recover data from external drives in different types.

With the help of this tool you can get back lost data in various other scenarios such as accidental deletion, file system corruption, accidental formatting, improper ejection, power failure, head corruption and so on. If you have lost data from external drive due to any of the mentioned data loss scenarios then you can make use of this tool in order to recover data completely.

Let’s discuss Some Data Loss Reasons

Improper Removal: Whenever you eject the connected the external drive when it is performing read/write operation then it may lead to corruption of the intact data within the hard drive. It is because when you follow the short cut to pull out external drive then this may lead to file system corruption. As we all know, the file system is format in which the files are stored or accessed from drive location. As it is corrupted you cannot use drive data any further.

Accidental Deletion: It occurs when the user found some useless stuff in external drive while browsing intact data and decided to remove all these unwanted stuffs, in order to do so. He selects those files and applies delete function. Sometimes it happens; the user deletes some of their vital files while deleting useless files from external hard drive. It may lead to the loss data with data from external drive.

Accidental Formatting: It may lead to loss of data from the external drive, it happens when the user has too many external devices. While browsing data from one of the external drives, he feels need to format the drive in order to make external drive work effectively. While doing format the user accidentally format the wrong drive which is connected to some other port. If the formatted drive contains some vital data then this may lead to severe data loss.

Know Some Exclusive Features of this Powerful Software

  • In all of the mentioned cause of data loss from external drive you can make use of Recover Data Now Tool and get back all your data as it was earlier.
  • It is capable to recover various files such as document files, audio files, video files, photo files from various external drive including flash drive, USB drive, and so on.
  • With the help of this tool you can recover more than 300 file formats on various Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and many more.
  • This tool is award winning tool and is capable to revive data on both working platforms.
  • Thus by considering the features of this tool, we can conclude that this tool is proficient to fix data loss issues related to an external drive.
  • This tool is a bonus for the people who have lost data from the external drive and searching for a recovery tool in order to recover data from external drive. Those peoples can make use of this tool and successfully recover all your data from external drive.