A Renowned Uninitialized Hard Disk Recovery Tool


You must have stored your vital data, files, documents in your system. Anything that is saved on your system by default it gets stored on the hard disk of your system. A hard disk drive is storing device on your computer, whatever you do on the system it gets saved on the hard disk. There is a variety of hard disk made available in the market of different makes, sizes, memory capacity. Now days you can get hard disk with the memory capacity in TB (Tera Bytes). Data stored on such a large data storage device is likely to be massive. Hence any kind of unexpected problem with this huge data handling capacity may lead to a disastrous situation sometimes.

As a computer user you might be familiar with data loss on the system and consequently very careful about such hectic situations. Since the data or information stored on the hard disk of your laptop or desktop is likely to be very crucial and precious to you. We understand the importance of the files, photos, videos, and movies stored on your system and developed software that could handle such problems of crucial and complex data losses. It is renowned software in the field of recovering the missing data from the hard disk of your PC. You may miss your files or folders stored in many scenarios one among this is uninitialized disk. The problem of initialized hard drive arises because of corruptions occurring in the file system, header corruption, virus infections etc. As a result to these corruptions your hard drive may display some error messages like

  • Not Initialized
  • Disk not located
  • The drive letter is invisible
  • Drive not formatted

All such errors are the result of the uninitialized disk disk. Whenever  you get the problem of not initialized drive you will find some time that the drive letter i.e. drive C, drive D is not visible to the computer user. In all such scenarios of data loss you may utilize our tool to have back all your uninitialized disk data. It is the most used software package to get back data from uninitialized drive.

Features of the Application

  • This tool can recover data lost from all types of hard disk like SATA, SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) HDD, IDE, HFSX, HFS+, etc.
  • It is able to recuperate data lost from all types of file system such as FAT32, FAT16 FAT, NTFS and all other versions of the NTFS
  • This tool is applicable for the recovery of hard disk data on both Macintosh operating systems and the entire version of the Windows operating system as well as in all the makes of laptop and desktop such as Toshiba, Compaq, Apple, HP and many other brands of PC
  • This application can be used in the case if you have lost your data from the hard disk in the events of formatting the hard drive, reformatting of drive, partitioning and repartitioning of the drive.